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Wizardia-Game Development — So Far & What’s Next

Wizardia’s NFT sale is well underway and the project is heading toward its TGE at the end of March with a number of Launchpads selling $WZRD token allocations. We’re seeing plenty of excitement in our wonderful community about NFTs and tokens. BUT, for all of this play-to-earn gamefi potential to be realised, there needs to be an awesome game. It’s got to be enticing, it’s got to be fun and it’s got to be designed to result in a sustainable and balanced long term crypto economy — one that rewards investors, gamers and community alike.

It’s clear from our many AMAs and Twitter comment threads that one request keeps coming up: “Tell us about the game!”

Rest assured, our experienced and fast-growing team is beavering away behind the scenes planning game-modes, animating characters, connecting blockchains and writing backstories. This article provides an update on game development so far and when our community can expect to get their hands on more details. We’re going to update this article over the next week with new info and behind the scenes leaks, so check back for more!

Soundtrack premiere — listen as you read

Let’s start with the good stuff. To get you all in the mood, while you enjoy this Medium article, you should listen to the very first track from Wizardia’s soundtrack. We’ll announce more about our mystical musical collaborators soon, but we’re very excited to share this first piece anyway! The brief was to blend together timeless acoustic and futuristic electronic elements, just like Wizardia mixes together dark fantasy and sci-fi.

And…drumroll, please…gameplay footage! It’s still a very early pre-alpha stage in Wizardia’s development, but we can show you a tiny snippet of how our Battle Arena is shaping up and (soon) how our Wizards might look in motion. Please note that this is a work in progress and subject to change. We’ll be unveiling more gameplay footage on our social channels, before the full Wizardia trailer is released!

Lore and character building

Zooming out, for a minute: at the bottom of everything, we’re creating a whole new world. That’s an exciting place to begin. Wizardia blends sci-fi and fantasy elements: characters spring from a future complete with biomechanical enhancements and virtual realms. When The Tearing comes, they’re forced into a new reality where magic becomes real.

Each of our Wizards, newly all-powerful beings, find themselves in Wizardia’s Core and, with their individual motivations and complications, enter the battle Arena to compete in magical combat. Wizard NFTs, representing our in-game characters, will be on sale very soon and, leading up to the sale, we’ll start introducing them one-by-one on our social channels! To whet your appetite, we’d like to introduce our first Wizard properly here.

Petro, The 1 Name: Petro Serbasov Occupation: Farmer Year of birth: 3156 Hobby: Flavoured tobacco plant growing

Petro Serbasov, a previously famous figure in the circles of Cyber-Security, was 14 years retired when The Tearing happened. Petro has been living in his farmhouse in the arid Mongolian planes and operating a sustainable farm for over a decade. He has been recycling discarded pre-war farming equipment and whatever scraps of post-war technology he could find to create a self-sufficient and successful farm.

His life was peaceful, he was recognised in the community of Sainshand (Сайншанд), he was keeping in contact with his two daughters: Peach and Alice. All in all, he was content. His ex-wife Lucy Winhaven moved to the Euro metropolis after the divorce. During the calamity he received messages from both his daughters, but not from his ex-wife.

Petro is a very skilled engineer, capable of nearly impossible feats using just his neuromechanical augmentations and a few tools. He lost his leg in an unfortunate accident operating some enormous earth tearing equipment. He is much more careful with heavy machinery from that day onward and has devised a seven-layer safety protocol that has been implemented Virt-wide ever since.

Game mechanics and interaction

Wizardia core game mode consists of teams of 3 wizards facing off in our battle Arena. It’s a game of skill and strategy, where team selection, balance and power, as well as careful Ability and consumable use all contribute to potential success. Our team, led by Loremaster Vytis, has tons of experience in designing and balancing these kinds of setups. It’s vitally important that no “one strategy” to win emerges and that players will be able to find new, innovative ways to compete in battle. Team selection will be as much art as science, choosing Wizards with complementary Affinities (Mind, Body & Soul), pre-selecting the right Abilities (battle spells) and consumables to tackle the opposition in front of you.

Crypto economy and tokenomics

Building an enjoyable and sustainable gameworld also needs a lot of planning from a lot of experts.

Between our blockchain developers, our leadership team and our expert advisors (who’ve been there and done that with Illuvum, Eartha and Mars4), token flows and utility have been carefully designed to ensure everyone (from casual beginners to pros to guilds) will both enjoy playing the game and find their own way to benefit from Wizardia’s play-to-earn elements.

Arena Genesis NFTs offer investors a new way to profit without actively participating in gameplay. The Wizard NFT market will enable players and guilds to earn from trading Wizard NFTs ranked up through gameplay and Summoned (bred) new Wizard NFTs. The Arena is the other source of revenue, with various game-modes and tournaments offering rewards (including $WZRD tokens and NFTs) for success. Find out more in our updated Lightpaper.

Art and animation development

First impressions count and especially how things look. We keep hearing back from our advisors, investors and community members that Wizardia’s art style is a real draw. We count ourselves very lucky that Locura Digital Art Studio is onboard and creating this unique visual world with us. With many years of experience in creating fantasy and sci-fi art, this small team of artists have had us hooked from the very first concept sketches. While their art already adorns every corner of the Wizaria website, pitchdecks and lightpaper, there’s a ton more to show off and we’re very excited to do so.

Demo development is well under way

The game itself is under development now with a game development partner but initial work is currently under NDA. That’s why we can only show you a few sneak peeks for now. When the first round of development is completed, we’ll be able to share even more gameplay footage on our channels and finally show you how all these Wizards will really come to life. That full trailer is coming up before the end of March 2022 and, starting this week, we’ll reveal snippets of gameplay footage on our social channels.

Roadmap and demo timing

With so much happening, you’re probably wondering how we get it all done. Well, we’re working hard, growing fast and knocking down our roadmap goals ahead of schedule. After the trailer, a playable alpha demo version illustrating Arena gameplay mechanics will be available to early investors soon after our TGE and DEX/CEX listing on March 24 2022. The first fully-featured game mode, Wizardia’s Arena, will be ready in Q2/Q3 and, from there, we will build out other game modes, including base building, crafting, spell discovery and even an AR integration during the remainder of 2022.

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It’s built on three gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision-driven game evolution, and upgrade-based character progression. $WZRD is the Solana-powered utility token that also acts as in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. Wizardia rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments.

How to Get Involved

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