What's Wrong with Azuki?

What is Azuki ? ALL you need to know about nft collection

Azuki is a brand that resonates with many – from avid NFT collectors to regular folks. Whether you own one or not – here’s everything you need to know about the collection.

The Azuki team-Arnold Tsang - Co-creator of azuki

Arnold "Arn" Tsang is a member of Blizzard Entertainment. He was an assistant art director for Overwatch& Overwatch 2, and former lead character concept artist, and also former character art director for Overwatch 2.He gives Azuki a unique aesthetic.

Azuki's founder published a blog:A builder's Journey,

Azuki NFT Founder Admits to Abandoning Past Projects,Here's the Blog:

Twitter Declares 'Death' of Azuki NFT Collection Following 45% Price Drop

After Azuki's founder published a blog post revealing their involvement in past NFT projects, the collection's floor price plummeted.

Youtube:SHOCKING Azuki News & Upcoming NFT Drops | Zagabond Azuki, Invisible Friends, Karafuru 3D, Doodles

in this video we are going to be talking about the number one subject, everyone is talking about it and that is going to be azuki, especially after the recent controversial

ama that just happened on twitter. What what will happen next?

Azuki NFT Founder Releases An Apology Statement After Nightmare Space Following a disastrous Twitter space, Azuki NFT founder, Zagabond today released an apology on Twitter. After the founder admitted to being behind three failed NFT projects, he joined a Twitter space hosted by NFT influencer, Andrew Wang on May 10. However, rather than apologising for his mistakes, he justified his actions—which did not go down well with the community members.

Scams Explained: What Are Rug Pulls? Are They a Crime? As user numbers continue to skyrocket, the increase in rug pulls has forced lawmakers, regulators, and members of the crypto and NFT communities to remain ultra-cautious and vigilant when it comes to new projects. At this point, if you want to be involved in the NFT ecosystem, you need to know what NFT and crypto rug pulls are and how to protect yourself. Here’s everything you need to know.

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