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What is Pegaxy (PGX, VIS)? How Pegaxy is Changing the Dynamics in NFT Gaming?

Blockchain technology incorporated in the emerging games is all driven by non-fungible tokens. Similarly, Pegaxy is one of the upcoming NFT based play-to-earn racing games developed by Polygon that has adopted a futuristic mythological style to provide the user an immersive gaming experience.

Source: Pegaxy

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a racing game with futuristic mythological styling. Pega (the horses) are descendants of the mighty Pegasus. In this game, players will participate in PvP format races to win rewards in the platform’s native utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

Pegaxy’s Visions and Objectives

Greek mythology games are a rising interest of the gaming community for the combative environment, aggression, and thrill it comes with. In addition, the fact such games are associated with a bellicose bloodline history makes the gameplay even more mesmeric for the player.

The word Pegaxy is derived from the ‘Pegasus’ (Pegasus Galaxy)- a mythical horse that is one of the most apparent creatures of the Greek mythology, where the player pugnaciously competes with 11 players in the PVP races to win monetary rewards. The monetary rewards are not just associated with achieving victory in the race. In fact, one can earn rewards by selling high-performance Pega and newly born Pega and participate in Pega’s global competition, “The Grand Dash,” to win generous prizes.

The cyberspace of Pegaxy is built on Polygon/Matic Layers 2 for a mass adopted Ethereum blockchain to cater to the needs of the decentralized game developers. Along with a dual token economic model, to provide dual currency, one to be used in-game (Pegaxy Stone) and the other to be used as a utility token (VIS-Vigorous).

With the main focus on critical development and community perception, Pegaxy aims to provide a multifunctional ecosystem for the user to enjoy the fascinating racing experience, socializing with the competitors, and even work on the same platform. Moreover, the game further plans on expanding its union by providing large-scale scholarships via the built-in economic system of the game to create an accessible potential platform across the globe so people can take the benefit from this play-to-earn initiative in this internet-based era.


Each race of Pegaxy is associated with a variety of elemental variables like fire, wind, water, speed, and much more. Similarly, Pegaxy envisions becoming a home for the Pegasus by providing a Greek mythology-focused storyline. For that, it offers users a much more enticing experience with the unique idea of the bloodline of the Pegasus, each representing different levels or the rarity, the extent of which is determined by the NFTs.

Every Pega is specialized for a certain elemental variable. Therefore, if you’re a collector, racer, or a simple Pega player and find a competent Pega, do not waste the next minute and grab it, for it may benefit you the most in your upcoming competition.


Klin is the master of Water. As per its nature, Klin performs the best in the rainy and wet weather environment as it has water running through its veins. Thus, this bloodline of Pega is specific for surviving the tough weather conditions along with its reliability in the race. Therefore, Kiln can increase your chances of winning if used under the appropriate conditions.


Zan is the master of Winds. It endures the strong wind, which makes it stronger and much more hard-working than the other Pegas. The strong attention, durability, and stability are some of its strengths as this bloodline is popular because of its conscientiousness. So, Considering Zan as a Pega will be one great choice.


Campona is the master of Fire. This is a pretty rare bloodline, and what makes it unique is its ability to adapt overcome all kinds of fiery situations, which symbolizes its struggle and resistance. Camponas are considered as Gods of the game, so if you’re lucky enough to find Campona, you will enjoy defeating the opponent with its sturdy strengths.


The rarest bloodline of the Pegasus is the master of Lightning. Zeus, being the god of the sky, would choose Hoz if he could as he symbolizes lightning bolt himself. The reason for its rarity is its powerful and rewarding nature which makes it the most elite bloodline. So, if you have Hoz, you’re the master of all, quite literally.


Pegaxy has competitive gameplay to keep the user involved to his core, yet, the rewards are remunerative at the same time. The player has to attain the top 3 positions while competing with 11 other racers to earn VIS, the utility token. Apart from race, the user can earn VIS by breeding, renting, or selling his Pega to earn a lucrative reward.


With time and development, Pegaxy will shift from being an automated racer to a complete skill-based game. To understand the nature of the gameplay and polish your skills to master the main activity of the game. As each race is related to some elemental variable, choose the specialized Pega for that particular race and use your skills, strategies, upgrades, and foods to make increase your chances of winning.


Breeding your Pega can be very beneficial as the more Pegas you have, the better. But one has to understand the nature of each bloodline and other factors and breed accordingly to produce a stronger and durable generation. For example, the rarest bloodline, Hoz, is the dominant bloodline when breeding.

Source: Pegaxy

Speaking of the gender of the offspring, it is decided on a 50/50 ratio; there are no specific conditions or factors to determine the gender as of yet, but Pegaxy might introduce NFT foods that may affect the gender.


Pegaxy’s rental system is one of the safest and most transparent systems. The system uses automated payout, an escrow account that distributes the rental profit automatically in the rental agreement. Pegeaxy offers three types of rental systems; Fixed Rental, Profit Share, and Direct Rental. With such privacy and swift service, Pegaxy believes in providing the perfect security systems for the owner and renter equally.

Buying and Selling

Pegaxy has its own marketplace where one can buy or sell his assets via two methods; Buy Now or Auction. In the first method, you simply put up your NFT with a certain price, and the interested buyer will pay the price. In the latter method, you put your NFT up for auction and give it away at the best price you get.

How to Play Pegaxy?

In order to play Pegaxy and start your play-to-earn venture, follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to connect your wallet to the Polygon Chain and then Pegaxy’s official website.

  • Next, you have to go to the Marketplace and purchase or rent the Pega you like.

  • Now click on race, and you will get into the lobby related to your Pega’s class.

  • When all the participants are in the lobby, you’ll be given 60 seconds to prepare your Pega, so determine the tracks and fix your gear.


Pegaxy is built on a dual economic model, presenting two currencies; a governance token, PGX, and a utility token, VIS.

Governance Token-PGX

PGXPegaxy stone is an ERC-20 governance token built on Polygon (Matic) chain, very few initially but will soon have an impact on the treasury staking. This token has multiple in-game uses like purchasing goods, tournament rewards, treasury staking, and the breeding fee.

The token will be centralized when released, but with further development and improvements in the game economics, PGX will be shifted to decentralized currency too.

Source: Pegaxy

Utility Token-VIS

VIS– Vigorous is an ERC–20 utility token built on Polygon Layer 2 chain, just like PGX. VIS is a primary spending token used in racing (you must be in the top 3 positions) and breeding, depending on the breed count.

VIS amount may vary a lot in the race because of the varying economy of the game. Moreover, the token is created and destroyed to maintain a balance in the ecosystem of the game.

Source: Pegaxy

Road Map

Pegaxy aspires to be a successful and lucrative game in the near future, and one can judge that already from the road map of this game (updated recently on 2nd October 2021).

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Pegaxy plans on

  • Sale of Initialized Founding Pega.

  • Release Beta version of Pegaxy.

  • Launch Marketplace.

  • Renting Platform and Breeding Platform.

  • The issue, the fable tokens players, earned.

Whereas, in the late quarter of 2021:

  • Release the Mobile version and 3D version on desktop.

Similarly, in the first quarter of 2022:

  • Sell Pega Gear and Food.

  • Hold The Grand Dash First Global Tournament.

  • Launch 3D version on Mobile.

  • Hold the First Stadium Sale Event.

  • Implement the skill-based controls.

Second Quarter of 2022:

  • Release Pegaxy on iOS and Android.

  • Hold Pegaxy Community Hackathon.

Third Quarter of 2022:

  • Introduce Community Treasury.

Fourth Quarter of 2022:

  • Introduce staking PGX into the treasury.

Now, in the First Quarter of 2023:

  • Introduce Secondary racing mode and the Pega burn system.

The second quarter of 2023:

  • Sell initialized Perseus NFTs.

The third quarter of 2023:

  • Introduce Community based games.

  • Interoperable/Cross-chain use of Pegaxy NFTs in other games.

Pegaxy is currently working on its game content and perfecting the economy of the system; hence, proper supervision is needed to ensure correct evaluation to develop perfect gameplay for the future.



Source: Pegaxy


Source: Pegaxy

The team at Pegaxy has just announced that their strategic private sale of the platform native $PGX Token has ended with $2,500,000 raised. They have highlighted the funding will assist in the expansion of their talented team, and fast-track the development of the Pegaxy game.

Here’s what they had to say inside the announcement:

Alongside many other excellent partners. The complete list of investors is available on our website.

The PGX token is key to the Pegaxy metaverse. Early members of the community will be the future of Pegaxy; together with the eventual governance power of PGX, these members will be able to shape the game’s development in the years to come.

This investment round enables us to grow the roots of the play-to-earn industry confidently and walk alongside games like Axie Infinity in its mission to change gaming forever.

The game is still on track for its Q4 release, and now the strategic sale is complete, we can acquire additional talent and resources to drive growth to Pegaxy and the entire industry.

We are grateful, hungry, and ready for the launch of the Pegaxy game — we hope you are too.

To hear more about the developments, click here as Corey explains everything in video form.


Pegaxy is a revolution horse racing game based on blockchain technology that brings a true feel of ownership. Gameplay and game feature developed very methodically. Particularly, the NFT system, as well as the rewards, are well developed in great detail by the team. In terms of game content, Pegaxy has stunning visual, advanced features, and a true feel of ownership. With an experienced team and strong investors, Pegaxy promise to have a solid run.

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