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Sorare Community Update: Mobile App Beta

Today, we are very excited to share that we have launched a public beta version of the Sorare mobile app on iOS for the very first time, with an Android version to come shortly. The Sorare mobile app brings the game into the palm of your hand through fun, big visuals and allows you to follow your teams, share with your friends, and more.

The Sorare mobile app enhances your gameplay experience. Follow along as each Game Week develops to view the progress of your teams, watch your players rack up points and see where your squad ranks in each tournament. Look back at the previous Game Week and check your lineups for the upcoming Game Week, all from the home screen.

Dive deeper into your lineup to see compelling player card visuals and detailed player stats highlighting decisive scores, all-around scores and more! Put your cards on display by sharing lineups and players with your friends.

Finally, we’ll notify you about important moments as they unfold when your players score goals, make assists and earn points for your teams. Key updates are delivered straight to your phone the moment they happen with push notifications.

And that’s just the start! In the coming weeks and months we will continue to introduce new features to enhance the mobile app experience. Today, you will soon be able to join competitions and manage your teams from directly within the app through our refreshed Game Lobby. Soon, you will be able to claim rewards and show off your new cards by sharing with friends with just the tap of a finger.

Rewatch Ryan’s (COO) introduction to Sorare’s first ever mobile app below.

We invite you to be among the first to experience Sorare on iOS by applying to join the Sorare Beta program today! CLICK HERE TO REQUEST ACCESS TODAY!


What’s the timing? iOS Beta available today in iOS and will be rolling out an Android beta over the next few months.

How many users are allowed to participate in the iOS Beta? We will aim to include as many as possible in the iOS Beta but aren’t able to share specifics as this stage.

When will the app transition from beta to full launch? We cannot formally commit to a launch date as we need to take learnings and feedback from the community but will target a roll out to all users in the next quarter.

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