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Q1 has been MASSIVE — Here’s everything Wizardia achieved

It’s gonna be a challenge to even describe how far we’ve come. But we’ll try! Wizardia has sailed past every milestone in the roadmap so far and even a few for next quarter. Let’s just say that we’ve made massive progress in 2022 and we have so much more to come. Are you hyped for Q2? We are very hyped.

Remember January? We know it’s a long time ago in crypto-time, but here’s what we had at the start of Q1:

✔️ carefully crafted gamefi concept ✔️ beautiful dark fantasy / sci-fi artwork ✔️ a shiny new website

Fast forward 3 months and this is how far we’ve come:

✔️ super successful $WZRD listing — 8x on listing ✔️ 3 rounds of NFTs (12,000+) all sold out ✔️ awesome Wizardia trailer launched ✔️ 400k+ and growing community

There’s no letting up in the pace now — every single Wizardian is pushing full force towards launching our alpha demo, selling out the rest of our Arena Genesis NFTs (and kicking off Wizard NFT sales!), then gearing up for that fully playable Arena in Q2/Q3 that everyone’s waiting for.

If you invested in our NFTs or our $WZRD tokens, we salute you. And huge props to our enormous and fast growing community for getting behind us and pushing this forward. We couldn’t do this without you! Let’s celebrate what we’ve achieved together and keep crushing it in Q2.


  • Community from a mere 20k reached 400k+

  • Got 2.39 million Twitter profile views just in March

  • 28 launchpads done

  • $WZRD listed on CEX + DEX

  • Staking programme launched (up to 114% APY)

  • 12,000+ Arena Genesis NFTs sold

  • Marketing scaling fast

  • Game dev full speed

Everything we’ve done in Q1

Wizardia’s community is bigger every time we look

We’ve actually already reached our community roadmap goal for the next quarter already, with a total follower count of over 400k.

Twitter has been growing so fast we can hardly keep up — nearly 115k followers today! Profile visits are up 226.3% to 2.37 million this month, with Tweet impressions at 1.82 million, rising 371.4% month-on-month. We have impressive community engagement on Discord57,446 members and counting, including channels for 18 international communities to dig into the project.

Our Telegram has hundreds — sometimes thousands — of daily posts from a community 52,093 strong.

We’ve hardly got started on YouTube and we already have 5000+ subscribers. Plus more and more Youtubers talking Wizardia and our tasty NFTs.

That’s not even mentioning TikTok, where we have almost 155k followers.

Launchpads — twenty eight(!) pre-sale IDOs

Those were some crazy weeks. Before listing, we had private-round token pre-sales with big hitters like Trustswap, Metalaunch (ASVA), Superlaunch dao, Smaugs NFT, Lithium, Uplift, Unifarm, Gami and TruePNL. Then community-round launchpads hosted by Metagaming, Uplift, Spores Network VC, Roseon PAD, Trustpad, NFT pad, Daolaunch, Matic launchpad, Hoppy, Zeus, Cardstarter (Safelaunch), Lithium, Multiverse Pad, TrustFi, Enjinstarter, Daostarter, TG DAO, VP, Cardence and NFTb. On one truly epic Tuesday, $WZRD tokens were on 7(!) launchpads.

End result: $WZRD token pre-sales raised more than $1.75m.

$WZRD successfully listed on two exchanges

A date for the gamefi history books: on March 24th, Wizardia successfully listed its $WZRD token on (CEX) and PancakeSwap (DEX). What was demand like? Our startup airdrop on was oversubscribed by 72,899.64% — 72 MIL in bids from 24k contributors.

The post-launch pump earned Seed round investors a 5x ROI and private investors a 4x ROI, with $WZRD reaching a peak price over $0.86. After some expected initial volatility in the market, $WZRD tokens are holding stable at $0.18, significantly above the community round IDO price of $0.12.

Need some $WZRD? Get it now on or PancakeSwap!

$WZRD staking pools launched and filling fast

What to do with that $WZRD? Stake it. We launched a mega generous staking programme, which can earn you up to 114% APY, plus you can win a ton of Wizardia NFTs (both Arena Genesis NFTs and Wizard NFTs). The highest earning 12 month staking pool (with that big old 114% APY) is already 16% full and attracting stakers fast.

Pools are strictly limited, so now is the time:

New investors & partners jumping onboard

From our earliest days, we’ve been backed by some of the best in the business. In Q1, we’ve onboarded even more top level investors and partners to support the Wizardia mission. Danny Wilson (Illuvium),

Sundeep Siripurapu (Launchpad), Tomas Martunas (Mars4), and Linas Kiguolis (ERTHA) are all well-known names for every crypto-world enthusiast. Check out the full list here.

NFT Sales — 12,000 and counting sold already

Arena Genesis NFTs sales are running hot, with the third round of sales selling out this week. We’ve already sold a mindblowing 12,000 Arena Genesis NFTs. Remember — they promise BOTH pre-launch staking rewards and a share of revenue from Arena transactions after Arena launch. With token prices well above our pre-listing estimates, Arena Genesis NFT holders stand to make even bigger real-term returns. What’s happening behind the scenes?

Marketing efforts and team are scaling up

Wizardia’s marketing, community, support and partnerships teams are also growing super fast — more than doubling in size. Communications across all channels has been massively increased and will continue to scale up fast. Visitors to are jumping up like a hockey stick:

  • Our Gleam airdrops have attracted nearly 5 million entries and we’ve given away prizes worth $95k.

  • We’ve launched a partners programme, so you can benefit from helping us sell NFTs. 20% goes to the partner and buyers get a 5% discount.

  • We’re optimising paid acquisition across search, social and video channels to make sure everyone knows Wizardia and our valuable NFTs.

  • We’re hosting regular AMAs of our own, as well as with friends, so you can ask us the hard questions.

Game development is on schedule

Game dev is more a marathon than a sprint. But good things still come to those who wait. In Q1, we delivered the first gameplay footage teasers and our first official trailer — which has racked up nearly half a million views in its first week on YouTube.

Our team is working tirelessly to bring all of our Wizards to life, building on the work of Lucura Digital Art Studio and translating our acclaimed visual style into living, breathing animated characters ready to do battle in the Arena. Stay tuned to our social channels for lots more concrete insights into Wizardia gameplay, how you can play to earn in our crypto economy and the magical world you’ll soon be able to explore. We’ve even released the first track from Wizardia’s soundtrack.

If the next quarter is anything like the last one, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It’s built on three gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision-driven game evolution, and upgrade-based character progression. $WZRD is the Solana-powered utility token that also acts as in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. Wizardia rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments.

How to Get Involved

  1. Join our Discord channel to pave the way for the future of Wizardia.

  2. Join our Telegram to be one of the first magic users to experience the fog.

  3. Join our Twitter to learn more about our progress into this new realm.

Have You Taken Part in Our Latest Giveaway?

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Join the giveaway here:

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