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Pegaxy 2D — Version 2.0 Update

We successfully released the Beta (2D version) of Pegaxy on November 15, 2021. This release included the game’s minimum viable product or MVP — racing, breeding, marketplace, assets, and renting. We intentionally released the game early so our users can QA the game alongside us. As expected, there were bugs or issues reported, and our team worked day and night to solve them. These are the development updates and statistics for November 2021:


Total Circulating Pega: 20,692 Total New Pega Baby: 15,740 Total Pega Already Racing: 13,825 Total Races: 200,467 Total VIS rewards: 35,288,547 Total Marketplace Transaction Volume (USD): $1,392,888 Total Auction Transaction Volume (USD): $17,562 Total Platform Revenue (USD): $42,664.70 (21,718 PGX + 37,482 USDT) Total Renting Listings: 27,446 Total Successful Renting Transaction: 25,535


  • FIXED — Live race and replay video show different results.

  • FIXED — Race results and track time showing different times.

  • FIXED — Race results screen showing different position to your on track result.

  • FIXED — Players do not see their VIS rewards instantly.

  • Users can no longer multi-tab race, or exit mid race and race a second Pega.

  • FIXED: Tie result however owners receive different rewards.

  • Edits to Pega balancing.

  • Reduction in racing times. Average time taking 1 minute 15 seconds.


  • Add individual Pega race results. Click on the Pega to see its recent race results inside the racing history section.

  • Add earned VIS per race. Click on your Pega to see its earnings via the racing history section.

  • Removed prize pool column.

  • Add ability to view breeding cooldown while Pega is in renting mode.


  • Change “Listing History” name to “Sale History”

  • Sale History tab will only show successful transactions between 2 users. If the owner lists and de-lists the Pega without a sale, it will not show in this section.


  • Add “Pay Rent Fee” or “Share Profit” tabs to filter rental Pega.

These updates were introduced due to community demand alongside obvious bugs. We have found the benefits of running QA alongside the community to be high, and we plan to continue this method with every game update moving forward.

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