NFT Worlds Announces Genesis NFT Avatars


Author:Ming Hooi

Behold anon. NFT Worlds is going to take over the metaverse by launching its second NFT collection – the Genesis NFT Avatars! The collection consists of 15,000 unique and playable NFT characters in the NFT Worlds. When to mint? Whitelist mint starts on 30 April at the price of 0.4 ETH per avatar. And the public mint will be a Dutch auction starting at 1 ETH per avatar on 1 May.

To be eligible for the whitelist, just hold at least 1 NFT World. The more NFT Worlds you have, the more Genesis Avatars you can mint. According to the team, 10,000 Genesis Avatars are available for whitelist holders, while the rest are allocated for public sale.

You can earn passive income just by holding a Genesis Avatar! Credit: NFT Worlds.

The perks of being an NFT Worlds Genesis Avatar holder

So, what are the perks of holding a Genesis Avatar? Apart from owning a 1-of-1 playable NFT character, holders can earn passive income in the form of $WRLD tokens. The source of the $WRLD tokens comes from the NFT Worlds launcher marketplace.

How it works is that each month, NFT Worlds will redistribute 25% of the fees generated from sales in the market (in $WRLD) among Genesis Avatar holders. Since most of the NFT trades of NFT Worlds take place in this marketplace, this can be a notable source of income for holders.

Besides that, holders can get exclusive access to rare item drops, vanity titles, and Genesis Avatars’ very own NFT Worlds in the game. Additionally, half of the revenue from the mint will go to builder and player incentives programs. Thus, leading to more top-quality games and a bigger player base in NFT Worlds.

Will NFT Worlds overtake Sandbox or Decentraland?

NFT Worlds has been launching a slew of game developments this year. From gasless transfers and managed wallets to the alpha game launcher, this new metaverse is bound to be the next contender to giants like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

In early February, the floor price of NFT Worlds briefly flipped Mutant Ape Yacht Club’s floor price. This just showed how much hype there was for this project. If you wish to be part of the NFT Worlds, make sure you don’t miss out on this Genesis Avatar drop!

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