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How you can earn with Wizard NFTs

At the time of The Tearing, the Original Wizards emerged from The Fog. Each one is an all powerful being, able to bend reality to their will. Each Wizard is also represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and you can now buy them on Wizardia’s website! Before you all rush to secure your Wizard NFTs, we’d like to tell you all about these Wizards and how they’ll be of value in the world of Wizardia.

What makes a Wizard?

Let’s start with the very basics. Wizard NFTs represent Wizardia’s in-game characters. They’re the magical figures who will do battle in our combat Arena and will be a key part of future game modes. In the Arena, players need a team of 3 Wizards to do battle, though Free-to-Play Travelling Wizards can be borrowed by beginners to try out the game, and Wizardia’s Marketplace will offer opportunities to rent Wizard NFTs rather than buying outright.

Wizard NFTs can be upgraded, traded*, rented* and used to help summon new Wizard NFTs as the game is further developed.

*Please note that Wizard NFTs will be locked from purchase until the Arena opens in Q2/Q3.

How can you earn with Wizard NFTs?

1.Win $WZRD rewards for battling in the Arena

Many of the Arena’s battle modes will offer rewards in the form of $WZRD tokens. It will also be possible to wager tokens on the outcome of battles in a number of Arena formats.

2. Rent your Wizard NFT to other players

It will be possible to rent out Wizard NFTs to other players in Wizardia’s forthcoming Marketplace. Owners will be able to collect rental income and renters can battle with powerful Wizard NFTs without the up-front investment costs.

3. Rank up your Wizard NFTs and sell them for profit

Before the Arena is launched, Wizardia will introduce a browser training game for Wizard NFTs, where owners can complete daily quests in exchange for Resources. These Resources can be used to gradually Rank up your Wizard NFTs before the Arena launches. After the Arena is launched, players can Rank up their Wizards in Battles and Tournaments, then sell them for profit.

4. Leave a Legacy to newly Summoned Wizard NFTs

After the Arena launches, Wizardia will introduce a Wizard “breeding” mechanic whereby new Wizard NFTs can be minted. Full details are yet to be announced, but summoning a new Wizard NFT from the Fog will require players to invest an amount of $WZRD and to involve at least one owned Wizard NFT into the summoning ritual in order to leave a Wizard Legacy to the newly minted Wizard. In practice this would mean that the newly created Wizard NFT would inherit some of the characteristics of the existing Wizard NFT.

The First Wizard NFT Drop

Seven Original Wizards have emerged from the Fog and are now available to buy at This first drop includes exclusively Rare, Epic and Legendary Wizard NFTs. Rare wizards are priced at $77, Epic at $777 and Legendary $7777.

The first Wizard drop includes:

  • Amin, the Deceived

  • Chikara, the Tower

  • Crizal, the Alluring

  • Olek, the Reflective

  • S, the Unrestrained

  • Tah Mut Tah, the Indulger

  • Tsering, the Impatient

Wizard Variety

Wizards represent a diverse variety of races and even species, portrayed in detailed and beautiful character art, all created by the talented hands of Locura Digital Art Studio.

There will be a limited supply of the Original Wizards. Supply of non-original Wizard NFTs controlled with NFT burn mechanics.

Original Wizard NFTs — the rarest and most powerful

  • Stronger Attributes, better chance to gain stacking Abilities

  • Unique NFT artwork

  • More likely to possess and gain the strongest Abilities

Summoned (bred) Wizard NFTs (coming after Arena launch)

  • Randomly generated Attributes

  • With AI-assisted artwork generation

  • Rarity dependent on $WZRD investment

What makes a Wizard valuable?

The power and value of a Wizard NFT is derived from its Rarity, Rank, Attributes & Abilities. These four are quite closely intertwined, so let’s dive into what each means for your Wizard.


Wizard NFTs have 5 rarities, from lowest to highest: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary. Rarer Wizards have stronger initial Attributes and it’s easier to upgrade their Attributes and Abilities. The rarest Wizards will also have access to exclusive tournaments with the biggest prize pools. In the first drop of Original Wizard NFTs, there will be no Common or Uncommon NFTs, 90% will be Rare, 9% will be Epic and 1% will be Legendary. When our Summoning (breeding) mechanic is introduced, the split in rarities for newly minted Wizard NFTs will be more like 90% Common, 9% Uncommon, 0.9% Rare, 0.09% Epic and 0.01% Legendary.


Wizard Rank increases from Apprentice (level 1) to level 15. Players spend Resources (won in the Arena) to increase Rank. Before the Arena launches, Wizardia will introduce a browser game to allow NFT holders to begin Ranking up their Wizard NFTs, be it ready to battle in the Arena or if investors wish to increase the resale value of their assets.


Attributes are the underlying statistics which characterise every Wizard and increase with the Wizard’s Rank:

  • Magic — life and spellcasting resources. Mana and XP in one pool of energy

  • Defense — reduces damage received and defines energy recovery per round

  • Will — sets action order in battle and increases the probability critical hits

  • Attack — defines the strength of an Ability’s effect

The rarest Wizards begin with higher Attributes and have a higher chance to gain the strongest Abilities.


Abilities are a Wizard’s unique set of spells used in combat, unlocked or strengthened as Rank increases. New Abilities are unlocked and strengthened (Abilities are stackable) as a Wizard ranks up. Rarer Wizards are more likely to acquire the strongest, stacking Abilities. Players choose a mix of Abilities before each battle depending on the strategy and the overall team selected. These spells cast by Wizards during Arena combat can be anything from throwing fireballs to conjuring energy shields.

Affinities and Strategies

Each Wizard has an affinity: Mind, Body or Soul. This is the fundamental Arena mechanic — perfectly simple and infinitely complex, a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Players must select their Wizards and Abilities for each Battle/Tournament. No perfect team exists and innovative new strategies can always be found. Superior synergies of Wizards and reinforcing Abilities mean better results and faster victories.

Arena Combat

Combat in Wizardia is a turn-based battle between two teams of three Wizards. Success in the arena is a combination of careful wizard team selection, tactics, skill and, of course, an element of luck.

Wizard Battles & Tournaments

Wizards will be ranked on a MMR ladder based on Win/Lose stats, with prizes awarded to top performers in specific timeframes. At least six individual Battle and Tournament modes have been planned for the Arena so far. These include:

Challenger Fights:PvE battles against AI opponents in the Arena, winning Resources to Rank up your Wizards.

Duel Fights:PvP battles with other players in the Arena, where you can win resources and also wager against your opponent.

Weekly Challenge Series:7 day play-off PvP competition, where you can win from a Game-wide prize pool.

Arena Tournament:PvP tournament with entrance fee and wagers. The tournament prize pool includes $WZRD tokens.

Final Destruction:An all or nothing competition mode where you risk losing everything (including your Wizard NFTs). But you can also win everything, including a 7 figure $WZRD token prize pool!

Tournament of Legends:A PvP tournament mode exclusively for Legendary and Epic Wizards, where you can win from a separate Legendary prize pool.

Wizard and Arena Economy

To see how Arena Genesis NFTs and Wizard NFTs are going to work together, it makes sense to explain how Wizards work in the Arena Economy and how the Arena Economy works overall. From each Arena transaction (entry fee / wager) a roughly 7% cut will be taken by Wizardia’s Vault. When this cut is transferred to the Vault, it’s split into 3 pools:

  1. 25% feeds back into the Arena and into Tournament prize pools.

  2. 25% is reinvested in game development.

  3. 50% is shared among Arena Genesis NFT owners.

The Wizard Roadmap

The first drop of Original Wizard NFTs, is available now. In Q2, Wizardia will release an alpha demo to demonstrate Arena combat, followed by the browser game where NFT owners can start Ranking up their Wizard NFTs.

In Q2/Q3, the full Arena will launch, Wizard NFTs will be unlocked and tradable, and the free-to-play Travelling Wizards will emerge from the Fog. Soon after the Arena launches and Wizard combat begins, we will introduce our Summoning (breeding) mechanic where players can mint new Wizard NFTs.

In Q3, a scholarship system for P2E guilds will be introduced. Around this time, our Base Building game mode will also launch, along with a Forge structure which will offer two new routes to increasing Wizard NFT Rank without battling it out in the Arena.

By Q4 2022, Wizardia plans to host our first global Arena Tournament with a prize pool of up to 7,000,000 $WZRD tokens.

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It’s built on three gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision-driven game evolution, and upgrade-based character progression. $WZRD is the Solana-powered utility token that also acts as in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. Wizardia rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments.

How to Get Involved

  1. Join our Discord channel to pave the way for the future of Wizardia.

  2. Join our Telegram to be one of the first magic users to experience the fog.

  3. Join our Twitter to learn more about our progress into this new realm.

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