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How to Get Started in Mobox From 0 | Beginners Guide

Welcome to this post, where we are going to see how you can start playing Mobox and everything you should know before you start playing.

Mobox is a game somewhat different from what we can find in the cryptogame world nowadays, with games like Axie Infinity or cryptoblades. It has very similar aspects to DEFI platforms in farming and token staking, besides its own game and the future games that are going to appear and are in development.

This guide aims to show everything you need to know when you start, and the most basic aspects to not start buying Mobox or other objects and not knowing its real utility.

When you start mobox, the ideal is to earn as much as possible by staking your Momos in the mining camp. The mining camp allows you to get the Mobox token by staking or placing your Momos in it. Each Momo has a hash power associated with it, and it will depend on the quality, type and level of the Momo.

The more hash power your Momo has, the more Mobox tokens you will be able to generate and win in the Mining camp. So, let’s see what is the best way to get the maximum hash power, without spending a lot of money.

You will see the hash power at the top right, next to a symbol with a spike. Common momos have 1 has power, uncommun have 2 hash power, and unique have 3 hash power. Rare and epic momos have a variable hash power, depending on their level and type. We will see the importance of the level of a Momo later on.

How much you can earn

The next thing we need to know is what hash power means in terms of the possible earnings you can get with each hash power. To do this, we will go to the mining camp. Inside the mining camp you will be able to see all the momos you have, and the hash power you have with your momos below on the right.

Under the total hash power and my hash power, you can see the amount of Mobox tokens you receive per 100 Hash power, and in this simple way, you can make your own calculations. Currently, the ratio is at 100 hash power= 1.26 Mbox tokens/Day. So if you get 100 hash power, you will be earning 1.26 mobox tokens on a daily basis. At the current price of $4.5, that would be $135 per month if you get 100 hash power. But you can also get even more hash power to earn more every day.

If you want to get started, you can buy BUSD and Mobox Token on Binance, through the following link.

To play Mobox you will have to register, and if you do it with our link just below, you will be able to win $10 or more in MBOX Token.

Which Momos to Buy

Before you start buying momos with more hash power, it is important to know certain aspects and bonuses that increase your hash power and you can benefit from it. First and foremost, there are the bonuses for having a whole family of the same type. If you click on My hash rate on the right, you can find the information of all the bonuses that exist. Which is as follows:

Each group of MOMOs with 4 qualities (Common, Uncommon, Unique, Rare) is going to give a bonus of 300 Hash Power. A same group of MOMOs can only get a maximum bonus of 300 Hash Power, and it is not going to be repeated.

Other bonuses that exist are: When you accumulate a certain amount of Rare, Epic and Legendary MOMOs a Hash Power Bonus (%) is activated. The more rare, epic and legendary MOMOs you have, the higher % of hash power you will get. For example, if you have 5 rare, the hash power increases by 2%, with 10 rare, it increases by 4%. You can find all this in mining camp to make your calculations and think about the best strategies.

To find the bonus of the same group, we can go to my momo and click on collection. There you can find all the families that exist and you can click on each of the MOMOs to see the price they have and buy them directly, without having to look for them in the Marketplace. Previously the bonus was 100 hash power, but with the updates, now you will receive 300 hash power. The main problem is that each family has a rare, and these MOMOs are much more expensive than the other 3. So my recommendation is to look for the cheapest rare, and from there, buy the others of the same family that have a much lower cost.

Finally, if you own a MOMO rare or epic, you have the possibility to increase its hash power. In My MOMO, go to upgrade preview. Here you can see the requirements to level up your MOMO and get more hash power. For example, if you have a level 1 rare MOMO with 36 hash power, you can level it up by consuming two common Momos. When you do so, the two common momos will be burned from your account and you will level up your MOMO rare, with a hash power now of 69. You can level them up to level 30, as long as you meet the requirements and the MOMOs it asks for to keep leveling up.

Token Master

Token master is the gameplay part of the game, which also allows you to get tokens. It has several modes such as PVP and adventure missions. The most profitable part is playing adventure, in MOMO Adventure, where you can earn from 1,000 to 3150 Mobox tokens that are distributed among the total players, every day. So you can be getting between 5 to 25 mobox tokens every day by participating. The only problem is that to play, you will need 3 MOMO rare, which can be a bit expensive at the beginning.

If you have some capital, the ideal is to buy 3 families with their rare, and then play every week in adventure mode with your 3 MOMO rares, to get up to 3,000 Mobox tokens. Actually, although it is a rather high initial cost, you will be able to recover it quickly.

By clicking on plunder, you can also play PVP against other opponents, and the game will give you 3 MOMOs to start with. This way, you don’t need to buy any MOMO to start playing token master. However, in PVP you don’t receive many rewards. Also, you will be able to find daily quests to do to earn some in-game items, and have better equipment.

Farming of MOMOs

Finally, you can get Mobox tokens by staking and contributing liquidity on the platform. In crates, you can add liquidity from different LP Tokens, such as Mbox-BNB, BTCB-BNB, USDT-BNB and many others. Like any DEFI Exchange, each LP Token has a different profitability, where you will get Mbox tokens and veMBOX for farming your LP tokens within the platform.

A way with some risk, due to impermanent loss, but with less risk than buying MOMOs and getting tokens to later use the Mobox tokens to play or sell them.

The best pools for me, if you want to avoid risk, are the USDT, USDC and BNB only staking pools. Two stablecoins that give between 35 and 41% per year, a really high profitability for being stablecoins, and BNB with a 30% profitability, really high if you compare with other sites where to stake your BNB.

Finally, there are different aspects that you should know before starting and buying any MOMO, such as the family bonuses, the types of MOMO and the hash power to get Mobox Tokens. In addition to the adventure mode and the token master, which allow you to play with the MOMOs you have bought, besides being able to staking LP tokens to get Mobox without buying it.

I hope this guide has helped you to get started without making mistakes, and to know how to maximize your profits. Remember that if you don’t have an account with binance, just below you will be able to create one.

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