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Habbo NFTs in 2022

Hello, community! Muumiopappa here again.

On Tuesday, over 1.9k people tuned in to our first ever Habbo NFT Twitter Space to hear an update on some of the things in store for our project in 2022 (NFT furni drops, further integrations, collaborations, and merch!)

We ran the Space to hear people’s thoughts and answer questions about the exciting plans confirmed because the community are, after all, the driving force behind the project.

Then, because we have such a diverse community of holders and probably a lot of people who weren’t able to tune into the Space earlier this week, we decided to get a written version of the main points from the Space up on this blog for you all. Enjoy!

NFT furni drops & integrations

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I strongly believe in placing ownership of in-game items into the hands of players. For this very reason I believe Habbo is a great fit for the NFT world, especially when considering the huge catalogue of items we already have available in the Hotel.

While I’m not saying we make all items in Habbo NFTs (at least not yet :D) I would like to start testing this concept gradually. We introduced the diamond sofa as an NFT furni and we will continue adding other types of items in the future, such as clothing and badges.

We’ll also keep adding other types of NFT integrations as well: gating rooms based on NFT ownership as well as giving users the ability to display their NFT collections in their rooms and showing off what they own. We have seen other extremely cool ideas from our community on Discord and Twitter alike, and — while we can’t commit to any of them yet — I think there are many avenues that should be explored.

In the end, I want many types of items in Habbo to be ‘NFT-enabled’, that is, we could drop them as NFTs. For now, we are aiming to continue adding more NFTs to the collection, going one by one through different types (starting with badges!) As we move forward, I plan for the first ‘test’ to be with our avatar holders so that we airdrop the item of each new type for free (also sometimes potentially portrait owners!) For example, when we implement NFT integration for badges, the plan is that we would drop the first ever NFT badge to our avatar owners.

Those of you who have been in the NFT space since at least November will know how expensive it is to buy anything from OpenSea due to the high gas fees. Personally, I do not want to spend over 100 euros extra when buying an NFT and I don’t want our members to have to do this either. For this reason, we started looking at other options and found that Immutable X would be perfect for the in-game items with their gasless purchasing. This makes even the cheap in-game items viable as you buy something for 1 euro and you don’t have to pay anything in gas! In addition, we collaborate with TokenTrove which is the main marketplace for NFTs on Immutable X.


We are currently looking at doing as many collaborations as we can. Our goal is to be THE metaworld of the metaverse. When a project is having their internal discussion about which metaworld to join, I want Habbo to be their number one candidate.

For other NFT communities that are interested in making Habbo their home or hang out space, we have tons of plans already in terms of perks. We want to create exclusive looks with effects, T-shirts, chat bubbles, badges and faces, all specific to the collection, project or community we’re collaborating with. They can have their own exclusive room with custom-made furni! Imagine Bored Apes with their very own ape hats (that looks like a bored ape) hanging around in their custom-made Bored Ape bar.

In the end, this depends on the other projects and what they want out of a collaboration. For example, if they just want to do it quickly it could just be a badge and a T-shirt, or if they really want to dig deep, they could get rooms, effects and lookalike avatars. Our goal is simply to incentivise others to visit Habbo and bring in other projects organically.

And this is only one part of our collaboration plans. We have also been talking to various different metaworlds. What I want to happen is to collaborate with several of these worlds so Habbo members can also use their avatars in other locations in the metaverse. Some discussions are progressing nicely and some are stalling. In the end, I want Habbo to be the main place where you can use your avatar but also want to enable our holders to be able to take their avatar to several other worlds. And these worlds could offer new experiences as they don’t have to be “Habbo Hotels”. In one world it could be an RPG game, while in another it could be a social world.

It’s worth mentioning here that I’ve always loved Ready Player One (a novel by Ernest Cline) — not for the virtual reality aspect per se — but the interoperability of it. I strongly believe that having the ability to go between gaming universes and take your hammer with you onto other planets is the future for the NFT world. In one world the hammer can have 20/20 stats while in another it’s just a cosmetic item you hold. This is the future of NFTs that I am envisioning.


Something I know you are excited to find out more about is merch! Whilst we don’t have the drop date yet, we are in discussion with a partner and things are nearly there. With this in mind, we plan to release our first merch sooner rather than later and, personally, I’m so excited about the partner we are working with. We really can’t wait to hear what you think! The first merch drop is more of a test run and if this goes well there’s going to be more merch drops in the future.

Thanks for reading, and see you on Discord or in a near-future Twitter Space!

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