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2021 Review, The Birth Year of Pegaxy

To say it went fast would be an understatement. What started with a simple Discord message in February, led us to where we are today. Pretty ludicrous in my eyes, but it shows the power hidden inside a single message.

Imagine setting a goal to move an entire mountain, while keeping your mouth closed. A goal where you just focus on building tools and moving a mountain.

Your strategy for success is simple — make such amazing mountain-moving tools that people from all around the world come to help you move the mountain because they want to use the tools.

That was, and still is the plan.

It’s a weird analogy, but it really embodies the mentality the team has when building Pegaxy — don’t drive hype, don’t create FOMO, speak transparently and the truth. Focus on building superior products, tools and of course a fun game. Build on the foundations of data, analysis and educated guesses.


In short, here’s some data (game launched Nov 15th, 2021):

Fundraising Total: $3,800,000 NFT Sale: Sold Out in 20 minutes. Marketplace Volume (36 days live): $10,066,064 Daily Active Players (36 days live): 16,037 unique players. Largest Pega Sale (Secondary Market): $120,000.00 Completed Races (36 days live): 1,144,529 races. Rental Transactions (36 days live): 126,373 rentals. Ad Spend: $0.00 Paid Shillers: 0

To say these results are surprising would be a lie, because when we launched we understood what we had built economically. We did not re-invent the wheel, we simply refined its design — removing rough edges and bottlenecks.

Proof of this foresight was the introduction of the cool-down mechanism seen in breeding. When we were wrapping up the first beta build of Pegaxy in October and achieved the results we had been looking for, we knew we had to suppress user acquisition rate and Pega population growth-rate otherwise we would expand at an uncontrollable and unsustainable level. We don’t want to peak in beta.

“The quicker you come in the game, the quicker you go out of it”.


With the team growing so fast in the Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil and even Portugal, we approach 2022 with the same goal — move the mountain with an army of real supporters. In other words, build a fun game, ship products and listen to the community along the way.

We have a lot to build and many of the products have never been built in the P2E space. We predict this will make the next 12 months extremely interesting for everyone. Expect big changes, some you may love, some you may hate. Expect economic swings and even more so, economic experimentation as we try to decipher the Da Vinci code of play-to-earn mechanics.

This is a promise to you that we will not do everything right, because this path has only been explored once before. However, we will always uphold our transparency standards, provide public data and develop Pegaxy with the community at the forefront of decision making.

2022 will be a test for all of us, including you. Let’s stick close together, embrace change and focus on the mission — moving the mountain.


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